Turnkey has demonstrated real experience in successful delivery of many specialist projects relating to the renovation and construction of new dwellings and commercial premises. Turnkey has developed a client driven process to ensure the client is fully informed at all steps in the design and building process to ensure a satisfactory outcome that meets the core objectives for the project. This may include objectives relating to finance, utility, image, size or a low stress process.

Turnkey allows the client to be as involved in the project as they would like and feel comortable doing. We like people and we like successful outcomes.

Turnkey works on a fixed price or construction management basis.

“Fixed price” is where the risk associated with the project is assumed by Turnkey. Your project is delivered within an agreed time frame at an agreed fixed price. If there are any variations during the course of the project the price is adjusted to reflect the actual additional or reduced work that actually has to be under taken.

“Construction Management” or “cost plus” is where Turnkey manages construction, interaction with sub contractors and suppliers; but the cost risk is retained by the client. The process is that Turnkey does a cost estimate for the proposed works. The basis for the cost estimate is transparent and discussed in detail with the client. Turnkey charges a management fee and small percentage of trade costs. This process is only effective if the client is actively involved in all aspects of the project and is required to meet regularly with Turnkey.

The process of delivering the job is the same in both cases.

Renovation of heritage properties can be fraught with difficulty. There are a range of regulatory approvals that may be required and which can seem to prevent the effective adaptive re-use of the building. Such approvals can include heritage, fire compliance, disabled access, BCA compliance, design and siting compliance and parking/egress.

Turnkey’s experience in renovation of existing heritage residential and commercial buildings is invaluable to project owners. We have dealt with the range of approvals and found solutions to what can seem mutually exclusive and contradictory outcomes. Finally managing the process whilst meeting a budget is essential for a positive result.

Turnkey understands the issues associated with e decision to invest in a development of a property. Turnkey can provide a study of the cost of potential works that may be undertaken having regard to planning and other regulatory issues, the cost of the works and the potential additional value that may be added to the property as a result of the works. This can greatly assist in the decision process as to how and where to proceed with investment.

Hospitality is a specialist area of construction. Genuine operational and financial savings can be achieved by using builders experienced in the hospitality sector. Issues like food storage, deliveries and waste removal, bar design, refrigeration design, mechanical design, hydraulic locations, appropriate materials, fire compliance, disabled access and furniture and joinery are all very important and if not managed properly can be unnecessary financial burdens on a new project.

As can be seen from our projects Turnkey has substantial real and genuine hospitality renovation and construction experience.